Professional Development

Scholar Career Development

To translate student interest in the semiconductor industry from college to their careers, it’s essential that EDGE Scholars are equipped with the tools and resources necessary to put their best foot forward as they transition into the job market. The EDGE Scholar program will offer a suite of programming designed to help students fortify their networks within the industry, strengthen their understanding of the job application process for semiconductor opportunities, and continuously grow their skills so they emerge as leaders in the field. This programming will include:

  • An intake and exit survey to help students identify key areas of growth and assess their progress. Using this survey, students will be able to identify which programmatic supports offered by the EDGE Scholars program will be most beneficial to pursue
  • Monthly program offerings, including sessions designed to create networking opportunities, space to examine the intersections of students’ identity and how it impacts their experiences in STEM, and a dedicated community of support. Examples of these sessions include:
    • Identifying and addressing imposter syndrome
    • Building cross cultural competence and communication skills
    • Leveraging resilience and representation in a professional setting

EDGE Consortium Scholars Monthly Convenings, 2024

February 8th - 7pm EST

Maria Alvarez, General Manager of Shared Engineering Services in the Artificial Intelligence and Research Division | Microsoft

March 20th - 3-5pm EST

Writing to Enter an Industry Career, Hosted by Brown University’s School of Engineering, Workshop leader: Jenna Morton-Aiken

April 15th - 7pm EST

Lori Harvey, Senior Manager STEM Education & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lead

May - date and programming TBA

June - date TBA

Inaugural Cohort celebration & planning gathering @ Olin College of Engineering